Here at Kukido, we love all things sweet! In search of the perfect cookie, we decided to bake our own. No holds barred! We went all out! Then, Kukido (cookie dough) was born. Our very own, anything goes kuki!

And guess what? You can too! We encourage all kuki lovers to get creative, dream big, and not be afraid to ask for what you want. The crazier, the better!

Freshly baked, chewy, oozing with generous filling. That's how you know it's from Kukido.

So, how about we bake your kuki dreams to reality.


Baking your kuki dreams into reality. That's what Kukido is all about– being brave, bold, knowing what you want, and having the courage to go for it, whether it's in a kukie or your life.

  • Customized For You

    Here at Kukido, we celebrate uniqueness and creativity. We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the kukie of their dreams so don't be afraid to go wild on your combinations and we'll bake them for you.

  • Generous Toppings

    We want to deliver goodness in every bite. What's a cookie without an oozing and generously filled core? We don't know her!

  • Freshly baked

    We bake our cookies from scratch everyday. Handcrafted and passionately baked into a chewy-gooey cookie.