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Kukido Handcrafted Cookies

Brookie Bars

Brookie Bars

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A brookie baked like never before— imagine your dream brownie and cookie. Now combine the two. It's the perfect hybrid of your favorite sweet treats. Deliciously dense and chewy three-layered brookie goodness just like you dreamed it to be.

Available in 3 flavors:

  1. Party BrookieThree fun filled layers of Klassic and Koko dough w/ milk chocolate, vanila buttercream, and sprinkles.
  2. S'mores - Nothing beats to good ol' marshmallow fudge and milk chocolate goodness. 
  3. Yin Yang  When they say opposites attract, this is what we mean. White and dark. Dark and white. All contrasting flavors and colors but meld together in one decadent flavor. 


  • Each box has 12 brookie bars
  • Sampler box- 4 pieces per flavor


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